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Cushman Utility Vehicles

Cushman Ezgo

Burden Carriers

Motorculture is a main Cushman dealer providing Burden Carriers with a variety of cargo and seating options. Cushman Burden Carriers meet facilities needs when it comes to being on the move. Equipped with 36volt or 48volt electric power and payload capacities up to 3,000 pounds, these vehicles were born to work.

Minute Miser

Cushman Minute Miser Cushman Minute Miser 2

Keep your business efficient with the Minute Miser. Travelling to various locations in a large facility can waste a great deal of time, money and also minimise productivity. The Minute Miser lets you quickly and efficiently travel from A to B, whether it's your equipment or a second passenger.

  • Cargo deck with fold-down second seat
  • 10 mph max. speed
  • 550-lb total capacity

Stock Chaser

Cushman Stock Chaser Cushman Stock Chaser

The Stock Chaser is designed to increase carrying capacity. The cargo deck built into the Stock Chasers slim design makes it ideal for transporting inventory throughout warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. Even when the Stock Chaser isn't transporting products, it serves as a reliable maintenance support for carrying large tools and parts.

  • 9.6-sq-ft cargo deck
  • 1,000-lb payload
  • Optional 4- or 6-step ladder

Titan HD

Cushman Titan HD Cushman Titan HD 2

This worker is built to carry a heavy load. Available with both 36 and 48volt powertrains, the Titan HD has increased cargo and towing capacities, which makes this worker perfect for those big jobs.

  • 2- passenger models
  • 21.6-sq-ft, 3,000-lb capacity cargo bed
  • 4,600-lb towing capacity

Titan LD

Cushman Titan LD Cushman Titan LD 2

The introductory model of the Titan line, the Titan LD delivers value when the basics are all you need. In this case, "basics" include 36volt DC power and 1,750-lb cargo capacity, meaning Titan LD is extremely valuable.

  • 2- passenger seating
  • 21.6-sq-ft, 1,750-lb capacity cargo bed
  • 2,500-lb towing capacity

Titan XD

Cushman Titan XD Cushman Titan XD 2

The Titan XD has a massive payload and an enormous towing capacity. Overall, this is the 'top dog' of the Titan Range and can easily transport thousands of pounds at once.

  • 2- or 4-passenger models
  • 21.6-sq-ft, 3,000-lb capacity cargo bed
  • 5,000-lb towing capacity

Cushman Tuggers

Cushman Tuggers are built to pull massive loads around confined spaces and facilities. Choose between a 5,000-lb and 8,000-lb towing capacities. Tha 36-volt electric drivetrain gives you tons of potential and power for every load.

Cushman Tug

Cushman Tug Utility Vehicle Cushman Tug Warehouse Vehicle

The Cushman Tug has impressive towing capacity and is built to be mobile and versatile. This makes it ideal for facilities that regularly transport heavy materials or industrial equipment whilst being quiet, mobile and productive.

  • 5,000-lb and 8,000-lb towing capacities
  • 4.9-sq-ft cargo deck
  • 36V DC powertrain

Titan Scissor Lift

Cushman Scissor lift T-1145 Cushman Scissor lift T1145

The Titan Scissor Lift offers ultimate lift to heavy workloads. The lift reaches 17 foot17-ft and can be deployed in under 60 seconds, making it suitable for facilities with high storage, ceilings, lights or rafters. With a maximum speed of 13mph and a 3,250 towing capacity, the Scissor Lift is built to help you quickly complete any task ranging from light to heavy lifting.

  • Up to 17-ft of working height
  • 48-volt DC powertrain
  • 750-lb lift capacity
  • 3,250 towing capacity
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