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Ezgo Golf Buggies

Ezgo golf buggies Cushman Ezgo

EZGO Golf Buggies, Excellence in Motion

During a hot summer in 1954, in a cramped one-room machine shop in Augusta, Georgia, EZGO was born. Two brothers founded the company from a simple belief that they could build a better golf buggie, that better met the needs of the customer, than any other vehicle then on the market.

EZGO has grown into a global leader in light transportation, building hundreds of thousands of vehicles each year from its 650,000-square-foot world headquarters in Augusta. Today, E-Z-Go builds more than 40 different vehicle models under the EZGO and Cushman brands. Besides the golf buggies with which it is so often identified, EZGO also manufactures world-class utility vehicles for work and recreation, personnel shuttles and material-handling machines. Its products range from the zero-emissions, street-legal E-Z-GO 2Five to the diminutive, industrious Cushman Minute Miser utility vehicle.

In 1960 E-Z-Go became part of Textron, This global, multi-industry company leverages its global network of aircraft, defence, industrial and finance businesses to provide customers with innovative solutions and services. Textron is known around the world for its powerful brands such as Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft Company, Jacobsen, Kautex, Lycoming, E-Z-GO, Greenlee, and Textron Systems.

EZGO RXV Golf Buggies - Electric/Petrol

Ezgo RXV Golf Buggy Ezgo RXV Golf Buggie

E-Z-Go Rxv Electric Featuring a 30% more efficient 48 volt AC drive motor, 350 fewer parts and a full time regenerative braking system, the E-Z-Go RXV electric sets the new standard for golf cars. For the golf course, there's lower energy and operating costs, easier maintenance and less down time. For the customer there's a superior playing experience from enhanced comfort and features.

The drive-by-wire electronics and state-of-the-art braking system with its downhill speed control and automatic parking brake, allow for complete control that's never before been experienced in a golf car

The RXV petrol golf buggy retains many features of the RXV electric but instead is powered by a quiet, smooth and efficient low rpm 13 hp Kawasaki engine. Patented combined choke control and air intake, lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency benefits the bottom line and the golfing experience, both are fitted with, patented fold-down screen, Injection molded TPO Body and Finish, Standard gold wheel trims.

Optional extras - are available for both including a range of colour choices, weather enclosures, Golf bag covers, Cold box to hold 6 x cans, Alloy wheels & Optional onboard charger for the electric models.

E-Z-Go RXV Freedom are made exclusively for private use, offering the discerning golfer a superior playing experience. An extended range of colour options are available. Standard features included are - head lights, tail and brake lights, decals.

Prices from £3995.00 + vat

EZGO TXT - Trusted Performance Is Just The Beginning

Ezgo TXT Golf Buggy

EZGO TXT delivers loads of smart features to increase convenience and comfort for golfers, from larger seats and increased dash storage to an optional USB port for GPS, range finders and smart phones. The redesigned TXT offers more than a new look; it brings a new standard for golfers.

Available in Petrol and Electric

Prices from £3750 + vat

EZGO Terrain & Cushman Hauler x Range

Cushman Hauler 800/1200 Utility Vehicle Ezgo Terrain 1500 Pickup Cushman Hauler X Utility Vehicle

The Cushman/Ezgo brand of golf course maintenance vehicles were born to help you eliminate downtime and get more doing out of your day. For decades, we've sat atop the leader board for hauling, moving, loading, and just plain getting the job done. Choose from three different models, each designed to help you keep your course looking and playing its best.

The Ezgo & Cushman Hauler Range of vehicles won't back down or balk when it's time to get to work. You get a best-in-class 13-hp Kawasaki gas-powered engine or zero-emissions 48-volt electric drive train and capacities from 800 to 1200 lb. And, the optional limited slip differential delivers better traction with less turf damage in wet or uneven terrain.

So get a Ezgo or Cushman Hauler and get after it.

Gas or electric drive train models - Optional limited slip differential - Roto-molded polyethylene or optional aluminum cargo bed

Prices from £4995.00 + vat

New for Jan 2013 Cushman 1600 XD Diesel 4x4

Cushman 1600 XD Diesel 4x4 Utility Vehicle Cushman 1600 XD Diesel 4x4 Off Road

It was designed for long hours. Built to get dirty. And with a 22-hp diesel engine, 4-wheel independent suspension and a large cargo bed, it takes the heaviest loads, over the roughest terrain, without flinching. Combined with a full rollover protection system, three-point seatbelts and an ergonomic cab, work has never been so comfortable. Versatile 4x4 power. It's how the 1600XD gets the job done.

Options available - hydraulic power source, Cargo box dump kit, Rear hitch receiver, Sun Canopy kit, Rear Screen kit, Deck bed side Extension kit, Working Lamp, Please email for a brochure.

Prices From £9995.00 + vat

EZGO RXV Shuttle 2+2 & Shuttle 6 Electric/Petrol

Ezgo RXV Shuttle 2+2 Buggie Ezgo Shuttle 6 Buggy

EZGO RXV Shuttle 2+2 - Electric/Petrol

The E-Z-GO RXV 2+2 is equipped to smoothly and efficiently transport up to four passengers and their belongings in style and comfort. Available in electric or petrol, the electric model features a unique AC drive system with full time regenerative braking system and automatic parking brake.

The E-Z-GO RXV 2+2 Petrol model is powered by a low emissions best in class Kawasaki 13 hp engine.

Standard features include front and rear transfer bumpers; headlights; horn; taillights; ergonomically designed console; multiple cup holders, state of charge meter (Electric)

Optional extras - Battery fill system; rear-view mirror; sun canopy; fold-down windshield; turn signals. Electric models - onboard charger

Prices from £5350.00 + vat

EZGO Shuttle 6 - Electric/Petrol

When groups need to get to their rooms, the pool or just want a tour around the property, the Shuttle 6 is your go-to vehicle. It has the power and payload to cruise with a full load without hesitation. The roomy Shuttle 6 is perfect for any environment where transporting people is a top priority.

6-person seating, Front and rear lights, Horn. Gas or electric drivetrain models. 1,200-lb capacity

Optional multi function flip rear facing seat

Prices from £7800.00 + vat

EZGO Express L4 & ST Express 6 Seat - Electric/Petrol

EZGO Express L4 Seat Buggy EZGO ST Express 6 Seat Buggie

EZGO Express 4 Seat - Electric/Petrol

With four seats, multi function Flip rear facing seat and style to spare, the ST Express is designed to carry people and goods for work & fun around the estate or park in style.

Available with a Kawasaki 13.5hp Petrol 401cc Engine or 48-volt electric, with a 360Kg total capacity, 17.0 mph, Headlights Tail lights, Wheels/tyres 22 x11 x10, custom two-Tone seats.

Available in Blue, Black, Red.

Prices from £????.00 + vat

EZGO ST Express 6 Seat - Electric/Petrol

With four forward-facing seats, multi function Flip rear facing seat and style to spare, the ST Express is designed to carry people and goods for work & fun around the estate or park in style.

Available with a Kawasaki 9.7Kw Petrol 401cc Engine or 48-volt electric, with a 545Kg total capacity, Headlights Tail lights, Wheels 12" with 23" Tyres, custom two-Tone seats.

Available in Blue, Black, Red.

Prices from £8995.00 + vat

EZGO Shuttle 2 Flatbed & Shuttle 4 + Cargo box - Electric/Petrol

Ezgo Shuttle 2 Flatbed Buggy Ezgo Shuttle 4 Buggy with Cargo Box

EZGO Shuttle 2 Flatbed - Electric/Petrol

With room for two and an extra-long cargo deck, the Shuttle 2 is ideal for supporting housekeeping, food service and maintenance operations. Get your people where they need to be in reliable comfort and style.

Front and rear lights, Horn. Generous 1,200-lb capacity cargo and supplies. Heavy-duty extended-bed configuration. Seating for two passengers. Available in gas or electric

Prices from £6500.00 + vat

EZGO Shuttle 4 + Cargo box - Electric/Petrol

The Shuttle 4 is the ideal choice for transporting staff as well as your guests and their luggage and golf bags. Spacious seating for four and an enclosed stakeside cargo bed ensure a sophisticated look and keep guests comfortable while on the move.

Seating for four. Front and rear lights, Horn. Available in gas or electric. 1,200-lb capacity Functional 9-cu-ft stake side cargo box

Prices from £7825.00 + vat

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